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There is no greater joy than to take a pile of semolina flour, throw in some egg or natural spring water,

caress it into dough, then fashion it into all sorts of delightful shapes just as people have done for thousands of years.

It is this same passion for pasta that goes into every single piece of our handcrafted, artisan pasta.

In our kitchen we call it from fingers to forks.

Hand Made
Making pasta by hand is an important and very necessary part of being a pasta maker. Only by working directly with the pasta dough can you begin to understand when the correct consistency and texture has been reached. Each of our handmade pasta shapes requires a personal touch.
Pasta Nostra pasta shapes
Dry Pasta
The Pasta Maker has developed a range of handmade pasta recipes and tells us that not all vegetables and herbs are made equally. We work diligently to create a dry pasta that is as close to the real Italian varieties as possible but with a twist. By using only the freshest ingredients, we ensure more vibrant colors and flavors.
We make small batches of 'vegan' (no eggs added) pasta using high quality, all natural, seasonal ingredients for added flavor and color. For example, when the spinach and herbs are bursting forth at The Farm, we harvest only what we require for the day, ensuring the freshest color and flavor possible.
Handmade tortelloni
Drying Process
Our handmade pasta is dried naturally for up to 48 hours before testing and packaging. This means that it is a little more delicate than the big brand pastas which are dried, and sometimes baked under controlled conditions. It also means that the cooking times are shorter and the flavors are not compromised.
With the support of many great friends and a passion – bordering on obsession, I am here in search of the American Dream and to bring you the natural flavours and vibrant colours of Italy.

The art of handmade pasta is one that has been handed down through the generations and we feel it our pasta-making duty to ensure this skill is never lost or forgotten. Only through making pasta by hand can you begin to understand it as an art form available to all who have the desire to express themselves through craft.

We make a wide variety of fresh and filled pasta products to specification and we only make our speciality pasta to order. But don’t panic! You can buy our fresh pasta and sauces from the Brevard County farmer’s markets and various retail stores.

Pasta Nostra USA, is part of “The Big Dream Factory” and home to ‘The Pasta Maker’. We specialize in innovative, authentic, traditionally Italian, handmade pasta as well as other all natural, gourmet, Italian foods.

We are obsessed with bringing you the best possible pasta experience. From the start, The Pasta Maker has insisted that our pasta is made using only high quality and all natural ingredients. There is a great deal of experience and expertise required to create handcrafted, artisan pasta. The flavor and texture of which is very different to the everyday varieties.