pasta nostra fresh pasta

01 Aug: Pasta – The Old Fashioned Way

The Pasta Nostra brand continues to make pasta the old-fashioned way and is currently available in 13 stores across Florida. We are also preparing to launch our new website. From it you will be able to order online and enjoy the flavour of Italy wherever you lay your table.
ravioloni immagini heart

14 Feb: Handmade Filled Pasta

The Pasta Maker insists on the human touch and extends our range of handmade 'filled' pasta. A brand new category of pasta is created in time for Valentines Day – Ravioloni and Ravioletti 'Immagini'.
gigli bronze die

18 Jan: New Pasta Extruder

We take receipt of our new pasta extruder and a wide selection of bronze dies from Alfa International and Pastabiz. Following a number of trips to Italy, we develop our own Pasta Nostra recipes for a new range of pasta catagories.