Pasta Dough Recipes

rolling pasta dough

We are always building and tweaking our recipes for pasta dough. You have possibly already discovered that there are a whole bunch of different recipes out there.

As we continue to collect our recipes for pasta dough, we hope that you will find the one that best suits you and your pasta making requirements.

There are a few general rules for making pasta and of course variations on a familiar theme. Usually the rules are as follows:

Semolina flour for pasta

Semolina flour is best used for making pasta shapes. For this purpose, it is not often combined with finely ground flour as it is the coarse ground version of durum wheat flour.

You can make eggless or egg pasta with this flour.

It is very difficult to mix by hand

Durum flour for pasta

Durum wheat flour is the finely ground version of semolina flour. It is perfect for making eggless or egg pasta by hand.

Durum wheat flour is often combined with Tipo 00 flour. This will depend on the type of pasta being made and the region it is being made in.

Tipo 00 flour for pasta

Tipo 00 flour is a finely ground, soft wheat flour. It is Italy’s go-to flour, used to make pastries, pizzas, breads and pasta.

This flour is perfect if you are making pasta by hand and is often used for making egg pasta.

Pasta made with this dough will cook very quickly – in less than a minute of reaching the water. This may be why is is combined with durum wheat flour for making pasta as durum flour takes a little longer to cook.

Recipes for pasta dough

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