gemelli pasta

The word ‘gemelli‘ is Italian for “twins,” and appears to be a short pasta made up of two strands of pasta twisted together. However, each gemelli is a tightly twisted S-shaped pasta. We know this because during the early days of learning all there is to know about pasta, us pastificios love to play with dough to see what we can create by hand.

not the right way to make gemelli pasta
Our first attempt at gemelli pasta … WRONG!!

Two strands of pasta twisted together makes for a very dense pasta. Within each gemelli is a little hollow area allowing the pasta not only to cook evenly but also to hold a wide number of different types of sauce.

gemelli pasta

This versatile pasta shape works well in pasta salads, casseroles, or light tomato, oil, or dairy-based sauces. If you decide to add meats, fish or vegetables, be sure to dice them small. In this way your sauce will adhere to the gemelli throughout the dish.

Recipes with gemelli