hand made coriandoli pasta

Coriandoli, pronounced ‘core-ree-ann-doli’, is the word for ‘confetti’ in Italian. Colourful and shaped pastas such as these are generally referred to as ‘Coriandoli’ and are served during the time of Carnevale.

Many coriandoli are made up of a mixture of shapes and colours. There seem to be no rules when creating this delicious pasta.

The name “Carnevale” comes from the Latin for meat (carnem) and “take away or remove” (levare). A church decree dating back to 653 declared that anyone who ate meat during the forty days of Lent, could not receive communion on Easter. Therefore, people would create as sumptuous and decorative a dinner that they could afford, eaten the night before Ash Wednesday.

hand made coriandoli pasta

In the same spirit, our first attempt at coriandoli didn’t turn out too badly. We used a ‘ferro’, also known as a metal spindle, to roll out each piece of pasta. It took us a very long time but we learned a lot along the way. First lesson learned was to have a great deal of patience. The second lesson was not to give up. The third lesson was to make sure that each mix of dough is has the same density and texture. The fourth lesson learned was to not be afraid of flavours and to try to avoid artificial colouring at all cost if you want your pasta to look edible. Lesson five, be sure to stand back and admire your industry!

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