Cavatappi from southern Italy

cavatappi pasta

Cavatappi was created in southern Italy and due to its S-shaped spiral, is named after the Italian word for corkscrew. cavatappi is a hollow and each spiral measures about 1 inch in length, and sometimes features ridges or grooves on its surface. These ridges help to hold the sauce. It is a ‘short’ pasta and is made without egg, making it perfect for vegans.

Cavatappi available in our little part of Italy at Rockledge Gardens market.

Cavatappi is also referred to as Cellentani, in honor of a famous Italian singer of the 1960s, Celentano.

Its slender, spiral shape makes it great for serving with sauces, in salads, and baked in casseroles. Cavatappi works well with any sauce but pairs especially wonderfully with tomato based sauces that include vegetables and lean proteins.

cavatappi pasta

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