Bucatini from Lazio

fresh bucatini pasta

Bucatini is a type of pasta famous in the Lazio region, central Italy. Bucatini looks like a very thick pasta. However, it is called bucatini because it is hollow, ‘buco‘ meaning ‘hole‘ in Italian.

In central and southern Italy, bucatini is known by the name ‘perciatelli‘ meaning ‘pierced‘.

Approximately 1/8 of an inch thick, here at Pasta Nostra USA, we make it using durum wheat semolina flour which is a finely ground semolina flour.

The hole within bucatini allows air to circulate inside the pasta as it is extruded which results in a slower drying process. It also means that the pasta can absorb a large quanitity of sauce, so bucatini is best served with a smooth and aromatic sauce. In Rome, it is commonly served in a tomato-based sauce. Perfect with our puttanesca or tomato and herb sauce.


We hope that from the image above of our bucatini, you can see how how uniform the pasta is. This is as a result of using finely ground semolina (durum flour). You can also see the texture of the pasta which is a little like a very, very fine sand paper. Due to the texture of this pasta, it will demand a lot of sauce. When we cook it for ourselves, we drizzle a little olive oil over it to avoid it absorbing all that tasty moisture.

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fresh bucatini pasta

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