Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair is a type of pasta called ‘capellini‘, meaning ‘small hairs‘ or ‘capelli d’angelo‘, meaning ‘angel hair‘ in Italian. It is one of the most classic of all pasta shapes and has been a popular pasta in Italy since the 14th century.

It is more readily available as a dried pasta than a fresh one because it is quite difficult to store fresh angel hair pasta. Should you decided to have a go and make it fresh, use it immediately and be aware that it cooks in less than a minute.

The dried version of angel hair pasta is often sold in coils that look like little bird’s nests. Compared to the fresh version, the cooking time is from 1 to 3 minutes.

Angel hair pasta is very long and looks like very thin spaghetti with a diameter less than 1/15 inch thick. Due to the fineness of its texture, it is often served in a broth like a vermicelli, or combined with light sauces and olive oils.

Angel hair pasta is also a great pasta for baked dishes the results of which are sliceable pasta pies commonly referred to as Capellini al Forno.

angel hair pasta

Recipe for Capellini al forno

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