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Ravioli nudi

chard and spinach ravioli nudi

You can enjoy ravioli fillings without wrapping it in pasta … in the nude. This form of ravioli is, as you would imagine, called ‘ravioli nudi’.

It is worth practicing the technique for making nudi and creating all sorts of fillings that are perfect for serving in soup (because they are like little dumplings), and for serving over pasta or rice.

Most wonderfully, ravioli nudi, once they are formed, are blanched and this ensures that the vegetables you add (in this case chard and spinach), retain their vibrant colours. They can be a bit tricky to form but we recommend that you just go for it.

Typically, ravioli nudi are made using ricotta and spinach then served with a rich tomato sauce. Although they are just as happy drizzled in some great olive oil.

To conclude

If you are as surprise as we that there are so many forms of ravioli, join the ‘pasta-tastic’ club! Imagine too the amount of differing fillings you can think up. And there’s more … once you boil your ravioli, it can be dipped in breadcrumbs and fried or toasted!

To round up our toe-dipping journey into ravioli, we would like to leave you with The Pasta Maker creating yet another little artwork … pasta style.