If you have an obsession for pasta (like The Pasta Maker does), one of the most wonderful journeys that you will make is into the realm of Ravioli.

For example, you can stuff it with anything you like, either savoury or sweet which presents endless possibilities limited only by your imagination. Speaking of imagination, it was during a creative research and development exercise that The Pasta Maker invented ‘Ravioli Immagini’. Yes, you heard it here first!

You can fashion ravioli it into a number of different shapes and sizes.



Pansotti are very popular in the northern regions of Italy, especially Liguria. It is in the shape of a a triangle and traditionally has crinkle-cut edges and the dough is often made without egg. Each pansotti is quite large and the name means ‘big bellies’ in Italian dialect.  The name means “big bellies” in Italian dialect.


We discovered miniature ravioli existed in real life a number of years ago when we were served them at Enzo’s cousins house in Rome.

Once we took possession of our ravioletti mold, we couldn’t wait to put it to work and came up with our ravioletti immagini. These little beauties are very popular with you all. If you would like to impress your family or friends with a plate of them, contact us directly and we will get The Pasta Maker working on them immediately!


The Pasta Makers Mezzaluna

‘Mezzaluna’ means ‘half moon’ in Italian and so the name of these particular forms of ravioli is extremely apt. They are much more simple to prepare than most other forms of ravioli because it involves one simple fold.

Of course The Pasta Maker could help but put the Pasta Nostra USA twist on the traditional Mezzaluna and invented the single-serve, Mezzaluna Immagini you see above.

We can fill them with any flavoring and within reason, can create any decoration you have in mind. Simply contact us directly and let us know what your heart desires.

First cut your ravioli into rounds, fill with your chosen filling and fold one side of the pasta over the filling and secure it on the other side using the tines of a fork – just like a Cornish Pasty and PRESTO!

Fagottini – little bundles

Fagottini can be quite tricky to create but are perfect for an extra special occasion. You can make them into small, decorative sacks just like The Pasta Maker created for Halloween.

As with all types of stuffed pasta, there are no rules regarding what to fill your fagottini with. So have fun with that!