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Getting to know the places you love

Vallecorsa, Italy

Many of us love to travel and Italy holds a particular fascination possibly due to the immense amount of history, art, scenery and delicious food.

However, getting to know the places that you love is best done by immersing yourself in the culture. So, how do we do that? Simple, by spending quality time with the locals and living as they do.

The next 2 weeks we will be doing just that with a group of people. Taking them to Vallecorsca to gather in the olives, to Rome, to Agerola on the Amalfi coast and lots of other places in between.

Our first stop is Vallecorsca where we have our olive trees and are lucky to know many wonderful people here who are eager to do their part in making our time here memorable.

Later in the week we will be down in the valley with the olive trees to help bring in the harvest.

For now, it’s ‘meet n greet’ time. This means a pleasant stroll to the top of the medieval village from where we have our home. Should take about 30 minutes. See you soon!

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