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Going back for more pasta!

Fini-fini puttanesca

We’re going back for more pasta! Back to Italy, that is.

It’s about time we put our mobile phone to work by using it to post something every day.

We have paired it via bluetooth with a comfortably larger keyboard and ‘hey presto and andiamo!’

It really never ceases to amaze us just how many types of pasta there are in Italy, so it should have come as no surprise to be presented with a dish of ‘fini-fini puttanesca’, in a local resturant in Ceccano (Enzo’s home town). We happened to be taking Signora Anita Garibaldi to a local school there, where she was to give a presentation. Signora Garibaldi is a direct descendant of Giuseppe Garibaldi who is fondly referred to as ‘The Father of Italy’. More on that later.

Fini-fini is a pasta that most of us would recognise as tagliatelli. It is about the width of linguine yet flat like fettuccine. Today La Trattoria Di Via Mangenta restaurant served it with a wonderful puttanesca sauce and as with most great restaurants in Italy, everything was made locally and from scratch.


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