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What’s in a bottle of our extra virgin olive oil

Adpt evoo

Olives have been cultivated around the Mediterranean for thousands of years yet Italy is considered to be the country producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

The reason for this is that some of the olive groves of Italy have been tended to through countless generations, continuing time-honored, organic, family traditions.

Every bottle of our olive oil or product associated with our olive growers that is purchased, is an opportunity to become a part of these traditions. To connect with growers and enjoy a flavour of the often unnoticed, everyday Italian culture, which is simply taken for granted.

It can take 6 – 8 people to pick an olive tree of its fruit. The process is often carried out by hand and with the cooperation of other growers, like one big happy family – and we do mean happy. Although the work is challenging, you will often hear a song or two and plenty of laughter among the groves during harvesting time. This is a time for human connection and cooperation in order to enjoy the highest quality olive oil that it is possible to enjoy – organic, homegrown and handpicked.


There are a little more than 350 families that make up the cooperative. These families tend to as many olive trees as they can but unfortunately not all. We hope to be able to help them tend more trees which will help them increase their production of olive oil.

By purchasing our olive oil you are helping us help these small Italian communities to tend presently neglected trees.


In cooperation with The Big Dream Factory and Italian Holidays, the ‘Societa Cooperativa Agricola Oleificio Cooperativo’ (SCAOC), an agricultural cooperative of olive growers in Lazio, has made it possible for you to become a member of their olive growers community by adopting an olive tree.

The SCAOC is spread across the 3 towns of Vallecorsa, Ceccano and Castro in the ‘Ciocaria’, a region of Lazio known for its great culinary diversity. At the heart of Lazio you will find the Eternal City – Rome.

Although we owe a great deal to the ability we have to mechanise our food production, we also should consider that we cannot calculate what we lose because of it. Each has its place. However, we prefer to participate, understand, and learn from the experts about the food we consume. We also appreciate the part of Italian culture that welcomes us into the family in order that we can pass on our knowledge to generations to come.

The olive groves of this (as with many) cooperative have been handed down through countless generation and in so doing has also passed down a legacy of expertise that none of us want to see lost. Take Piero for example, his family has tended to the olive trees of Vallecorsa for hundreds of years. When you come to Vallecorsa and help us bring in the harvest, he will tell you all about it! You see, our adopt an olive tree programme is not just about the certificate and goodies, its about an opportunity to become actively involved.


A few years ago we joined the family in the olive groves and the experience had such a lasting impression we thought it special enough to offer the same to you.

Adopt an olive tree and help us sustain and maintain this most noble of agricultural pursuits.

join us in italy to bring in the olive harvest

It is not only desirable but also appropriate to protect and safeguard this important resource not only for environmental reasons but also for economic and socio-cultural reasons. It is only with the success of such initiatives like adopting an olive tree that we will help slow down the gradual abandonment of these areas and avoid serious repercussions, primarily on the environmental balance.


We invite you to join us in the olive groves with Ornello, Katia, Angelo, Piero and many, many more olive farmers in the Lazio region. Meeting everyone will bring you closer to the people and a culture that means so much to them as consuming excellent quality extra virgin olive oil means to us.

It’s a vacation for the whole family! If you would like to join us in 2017, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make that BIG DREAM come true.

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