Top 10 recipes for armoniche, radiatore pasta

armoniche carbonara

We have taken a tour of the world wide web to bring you a small selection but our Top 10 recipes for armoniche, radiatore pasta.

As you can imagine, these articles take a while to research and we attempt to choose very carefully in order to provide a nice and varied selection of ideas. However, there are so many more wonderful dishes that people are putting together with radiatori (armoniche) pasta.

So, sit back and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our Top 10 recipes for armoniche, radiatore pasta.

1. Spicy chicken radiatori soup


We chose this one from Mama Steph’s Kitchen because it simply looks totally delizioso! Radiatori loves to be bathed in sauces and soups so we know that this spicy chicken radiatori soup hits all the right buttons. Very worthy of any Italian table! We love it!

2. Baked Radiatore au gratin


This wonderful recipe from Pham Fatale demonstrates just how radiatore pasta can be used for any occasion, especially when time in the kitchen is limited. Here where a baked pasta dish is the perfect choice for the whole family.