Tuscana Pici

Tuscana Pici (pronounced ‘peachy), is a long pasta traditionally handmade using a dough of semolina flour and water. Once the dough is prepared, long strands of rolled and stretched  and are roughly the thickness of bucatini. Here at The Big Dream Factory we extrude our pici and add different flavours  depending on the season.

Pici originates in the province of Siena in Tuscany, where in the Montalcino area it is referred to as ‘pinci‘.

gluten free pici pasta
Gluten free pici

Pici is possibly the only original Tuscan handmade pasta where it is regularly eaten with a chunky and hearty ragu of wild boar, hare, rabbit or pork. You would rarely find pici dried since it is better prepared when it is fresh and therefore not served ‘al-dente’.

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