Pasta fiori – Pasta flowers

Pasta flowers - Summer
Pasta flowers – Summer

Pasta Fiori – Pasta flowers: We have to confess that after hours of practice, we have still been unable to perfect the art of making orrecchetti (little ears). This is the reason The Pasta Maker invented our pasta ‘fiori’ since each little flower is shaped to hold sauce – just like orrecchetti.

Each of the colours are created with only natural ingredients and when available, from the crops of spinach, basil, beetroot and carrots being harvested at The Farm.

Because each of our pasta flowers and leaves are made completely from scratch and by hand, our Pasta fiori do take a while to make and so are on our list of specialty products. Please give us fair warning if you want to place an order, at least a 5 days.

Specialist handmade fiori
Specialist handmade fiori

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We recommend serving our pasta flowers as a garnish simply drizzled with a good olive oil and a little cheese or as an addition to a fresh salad.

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All of our prices are based on a net weight of 8.81 oz (250 grams). Pasta is served as an appetizer in Italy, so this is enough to feed 2 people an ‘Italian portion”.

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Roberta Garavini

È possibile comprare la pasta a fiori?


Chiedo scusa per il ritardo di risposta, Roberta,

Grazie per la vostra richiesta e sì, è possibile acquistare la nostra pasta Fiori. Non abbiamo alcuna in magazzino perché facciamo ognuno a mano e su richiesta speciale. Siamo in America, avreste bisogno di loro inviati in Italia? Sai quanti hai bisogno?

Non vediamo l’ora di sentire da voi presto.
Cordiali saluti,

(Il pastaio)

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