Gnocchiette Sardi

These Gnocchiette Sardi are known as ‘Malloreddus’ in Italy and are a shape of pasta typical to the Italian region of Sardegna (Sardinia) and not to be confused with potato gnocchi.

The term malloreddu literally means “baby calf” in the local language dialect. This may seem like a strange name for pasta, but the reason is that in the agriculture, calves have always been seen as a sign of abundance, especially if they were well fed and a bit on the “chubby side”.  The shape of this pasta is rounded, just like a chubby calf. These are very easy to make, especially if you have already made gnocchi, as they are shaped in the same way.

sundried tomato black olive gnocchetti sardi

Here at The Big Dream Factory, we make these by hand and we can make up a bunch of Gnocchiette Sardi to order. In fact, the ones up there in the photograph were made with sundried tomato and garlic. You can choose what flavour you would like them and remember, with these chunky pastas a little goes a long way!

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