It is thought that fettuccine originated in the Eternal City of Rome. The word fettuccine comes from the Italian word for small slices, ‘fettucce‘.

Fettuccine is similar to the more flat and wide ‘tagliatelle’ from the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna and is arguably one of the most popular pasta shapes and comfort foods of Italy. Its flat surface provides the perfect place for your sauce to cling and therefore the sauce is better distributed among the dish.


If you have the opportunity to visit Rome, treat yourself to a ‘real’ fettuccine Alfredo at Ristorante Alfredo Alla Scrofa!


You are most likely to see this pasta being handmade in homes all across Italy and there are many techniques for cutting the ribbons. Some use the hand cranking, tabletop roller and cutter and others roll the dough out into one large, thin piece, fold it and cut each strand with a large sharp knife. For expediency and due to the demand for our pasta, The Pasta Maker extrudes it but still prefers to roll and cut the ribbons by hand.

The Pasta Maker enjoys adding natural food flavours to our fettuccine and indeed to all of our pasta. Available flavours include and are not at all limited to:

spinach – kale – black summer truffle – fresh mixed herb


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