Bucatini is a really long strand of macaroni, like a straw. It’s good to keep in mind the ‘straw’ analogy because it’s not suitable for thin sauces. Once that hot sauce is in the hollow, beware of getting burnt as you slurp up your pasta. Therefore, we highly recommend serving it with anything BUT a thin sauce.

Bucatini, also known as ‘perciatelli‘. The name bucaatini comes from Italian: ‘buco‘, meaning “hole”, while ‘bucato‘ or its Neapolitan variant ‘perciato‘ mean “pierced”

We can’t begin to describe the excitement in the kitchen here at The Big Dream Factory, when we extruded our first Bucatini. The reason for this is that it’s one of our favourite pastas … although there is a long list of those. It is often very difficult to find this wonder form of pasta in the supermarkets and we believe that The Pasta Maker is the only one making it for you here in Brevard County, Florida.

cupola di bucatini
Cupola di bucatini

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