Ditalini pasta pastina

Pasta Nostra USA ditalini

Our handmade ‘ditalini‘ pasta, Italian for ‘little thimbles‘. Ditalini pasta is a member of the ‘pastina‘ family and is perfect for baking, boiling or for creating pasta salads.

The Pasta Maker forms our ditalini pasta by slicing every single little thimble as the dough is extruded. Therefore, don’t expect it to be regular in size. It is this lack of uniformity that we love the best about our pasta. Every single little piece has been watched over before reaching you.

Within the pastina family there are many different styles of pasta to choose from: anellini, orzo, margheritine, farfalline, quadretti, filini and ancini di pepe, to name a few. Add to this a variety of flavours we have available and you have yourself quite a decision to make.

To help you decide which pastina is best suited for your soup or salad, the general rule of thumb is to look at the size and shape of all your other ingredients and create a harmonious dish of relatively equally sized pieces. Ditalini has a very comforting feel in the mouth so it lends itself to a great many different types of dishes and are particularly favoured by young children.

As for flavouring our ditalini, we often use what is in season, especially when deciding to use herbs. We have a range of flavours for you to choose: spinach, pepperoncino, fresh herbs (basil, parsley, rosemary, cilantro – to name just a few), sun dried tomato. The list is only limited to your own imagination.

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