Angel hair pasta

angel hair with dill

All of our homemade pasta is made with semolina flour which is a legal requirement in Italy. The use of semolina is especially important for making our angel hair pasta as it is one of the finest strands of pasta in the list of long pasta under the heading ‘spaghetti’.

Yes, angel hair pasta is one of the spaghetti family being long and round. The making of this fine pasta was only made possible with the introduction mechanization.

Semolina is very high in gluten and is the reason why pasta is so elastic. Without it, our angel hair pasta (capelli d’angelo) would most possibly crack easily as it dries. We do our best not to allow the angel hair pasta we make to dry out too quickly, in order that you can enjoy twirling a nice portion of it around your fork.

The Pasta Maker can create all sorts of wonderful flavours and colours of angel hair, including whole wheat which can also be flavoured. Here are just a few examples of our most popular flavours:

Porchini, fresh herb, dill, basil, basil pesto, sun dried tomato, spinach and garlic …

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