Ricotta and spinach culurgiones

Ricotta and spinach culurgiones


FRESH-FROZEN Handmade Ricotta and Organic Spinach Culurgiones

Ingredients for the pasta: semolina durum wheat flour and pasteurized egg.

Ingredients for the filling: Ricotta, Organically Grown Spinach From Rockledge Garden’s  – Cheddar cheese, Parmesan, Garlic, Black Pepper – Salt.

8.81 oz (250 grms) – 15 – 20 pcs


Culurgiones is a traditional and little-known pasta from the region of Ogliastra, in Sardinia. The towns especially famous for the preparation of Culurgiones are Ulassai, Jerzu, Villagrande Strisaili, Osini and Lotzoraim where the fillings are commonly, boiled potatoes, olive oil, pecorino cheese, garlic, mint and nutmeg, but vary from region to region and household to household.

The appearance of Culurgiones is similar to a wheat grain and in August, it is believed that by offering them to eat, it will help favor the new crop. They are even considered to be the talisman that safeguards families from deprivation.

Culurgiones can vary in size too. We make ours approximately 2 inches long and fill them with our special blend of 3 cheeses just as we do our ravioloni and tortelloni. However, because we are a small batch operation, we can and do offer seasonal and bespoke ingredients. All of our culurgiones begin with a sheet of fresh egg pasta made completely from scratch using only semolina durum wheat flour and pasteurized egg.

The only way to make great culurgiones is to make them completely by hand. Once ready, they are frozen in order to preserve freshness because we do not use preservatives in our products. This means that the pasta we make for you is exactly the same as if you had made it at home and with the same attention to detail as you will find at any gourmet restaurant.

Our ricotta and organic spinach culurgiones filling ingredients are:

Ricotta - Roganically Grown Spinach from Rockledge Garden's - Cheddar Cheese - Parmesan - Garlic - Black Pepper - Salt

We are not limited to flavors or fillings and welcome your own suggestions for your favorites.