Pasta Maker’s flour blend

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Pasta Maker’s flour blend


The Pasta Maker knows that many of you want nothing more than to create real, Italian pasta in your own home. After living in Italy for many years, The Pasta Maker has put together a special blend of Tipo ’00’ and semolina durum wheat flour, to make this possible.

The Pasta Maker's Blend of Flour is recommended for making both egg and eggless pasta.

Semolina and durum wheat flour is often confused as being two different flours. In fact, semolina is the more coarse version of durum wheat flour sometimes seen on the base of cooked pizza.

Durum flour is semolina, ground to a fine flour which is perfect for creating wonderful Italian-style pasta every time.

The Pasta Maker has created this special blend of durum and tipo '00' flours inspired by Italian cooks in everyday kitchens all over Italy. It is perfect for making pasta by hand on your kitchen work surface or in an electric pasta making machine.

It's time to make authentically Italian pasta everywhere!

How to Make Eggless Pasta

To ensure each person gets a good portion of pasta, the rule of thumb recipe for each person is:

¾ cup Pasta Maker's Blend of Flour
3 - 4 tablespoons bottled, natural spring water

1. For more servings, simply increase the ingredients required for each person using the measurements above.
2. Make sure you mix and knead the ingredients well before being tempted to add more water. If you need to, add extra water a little at a time.
3. Pasta dough requires a lot of kneading in order to form a soft but not sticky dough, so be patient.
4. The recipe remains the same if using a mixer with a bread hook.
5. When you have created your dough, cover it in Seran Wrap and set aside for 30 minutes at room temperature. After this time the dough is ready to form into your desired pasta shape.

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