Pappardelle – fresh egg pasta – plain

Pappardelle – fresh egg pasta – plain


INGREDIENTS: Semolina durum wheat flour, pasteurized egg.

TO COOK: Bring lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta, stir and cook for 4 – 6 minutes.


Pappardelle pasta is an Italian flat pasta cut into a broad ribbon shape orginiating in Tuscany where it is traditionally served with very rich, heavy sauces, especially sauces which include game such as wild boar, and it is particularly popular in the winter, when it can make the basis of a hearty, warming meal. This pasta’s name comes from the Italian 'pappare', a verb which means “to gobble up.”

Our egg pasta pappardelle is made using only semolina durum wheat flour and pasteurized eggs. When the dough is ready, it is extruded through a bronze die which gives each 1" wide ribbon of pappardelle, a lightly rough surface. This ensures that the maximum amount of sauce clings to the pasta for an enhanced pasta eating experience.

All of our pasta dough is handmade in small batches and every step of production is overseen by The Pasta Maker to ensure the best quality every time.

Pappardelle are very absorbent and sturdy, making it ideal for thick sauces, and some people also serve pappardelle pasta with their stews or pot roasts. For an amazingly Italian experience, add our San Marzano tomato (DOP) sauce to your ingredients.


Weight 9.7 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 8 × 2.5 in