Fregola Sarda

Fregola Sarda


Handmade specialty pasta “Fregola Sarda”

Made using semolina durum wheat flour, natural spring water.

16 oz (454 grms)

Fregola Sarda is arguably the most ancient of all pasta and has it's origins in Sardinia. It looks very similar to couscous, although the fregola vary in size and once formed, are placed in the oven to 'toast'. This gives the fregola a nice 'nutty' flavor.

Unlike pasta which is boiled, to make the most of your fregola, it is best cooked like a risotto. It does take some time and patience but in the end, you will be glad you went the extra mile. Once cooked, your fregola can be served hot straight from the pan, baked or left to cool and used as part of a salad.

We make our fregola in small batches and completely by hand and from scratch using only semolina and Florida spring water. It takes time to create but we believe in keeping this ancient art alive.

Follow any recipe for risotto that takes your fancy and enjoy a truly Italian experience.

Weight 16.5 oz
Dimensions 8.57 × 3.5 × 4.5 in