Speciality, handmade plain dry shaped pasta “Farfalloni”

Ingredients: Semolina durum wheat flour, pasteurized egg.

8.81 oz (250 grms)

Our egg pasta farfalloni are made completely from scratch using only semolina durum wheat flour and pasteurized eggs.

Once the dough is ready, it is rolled to the exact thickness for creating these wonderfully large butterfly-shaped pieces of pasta. Each farfalloni is made carefully and by hand before being set aside to dry naturally.

All of our pasta dough is handmade in small batches and every step of production is overseen by The Pasta Maker to ensure the very best quality every time.

Italians will tell you that if you are going to all the trouble of making fresh pasta, then make egg pasta. Everyday dried pasta will swim in any sauce you put in it. This is because it is baked very slowly during the drying process which creates a smooth and almost shiny surface. All of our fresh pasta is allowed to dry naturally prior to packing.

Farfalloni love any sort of sauce that you can cover it in and is perfect for pepping up a pasta salad, so let your imagination go wild.

Weight 11.00 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 4.5 in