February 13, 2020 all-day
International Tortellini Day

February 13th, is the holiday for all lovers of the Italian cuisine. It’s National Tortellini Day! Tortellini is a small pasta stuffed with different fillings, like ham, Parmesan cheese or white meat.

This Italian dish is favorite worldwide. It can be also served as a part of soup, that makes the dish even better.

The Legends and Myths of Tortellini

There are a number of myths and legends about the origin of tortellini. The popular one involves the Goddess Venus who stayed in a tavern on the outskirts of Bologna, the city where tortellini originate. The innkeeper spied on Venus through the keyhole of the her room, but he could catch only a glimpse of her navel. He went to the kitchen and shaped a fresh egg pasta into the navel-size tortellini to capture his vision.

Learned Order of the Tortellini

The city of Bologna can boast an organization called the Learned Order of the Tortellini. The members of this organization dedicated themselves to preserve the original recipe of traditional tortellini. They wear red and gold tortellini-shaped hats and gold tortellini necklaces.

Enjoy your favorite tortellini topped with pesto, cream or tomato sauce to celebrate this holiday!