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World Pasta Day

Thank goodness! A day of celebration for pasta – October 25th is World Pasta Day!

The first celebration was held by a collection of pasta producers from all over the world in Rome, Italy in 1995. There after, in 1998 a further gathering was organised and World Pasta Day was established and is celebrated worldwide on October 25th.

The International Pasta Organisation was created from these annual meetings and their mission:

“The International Pasta Organisation (IPO) is a non profit Association dedicated to increase pasta consumption and awareness, by advancing the consumers’ understanding of the nutritional value and health benefits of pasta, and to promote the common business interests and safeguarding the image of pasta industry at the international level.”

The International Pasta Organisation has been holding their World Pasta Day in a different part of the world ever year since 2006. This event enables the exchanging of knowledge, ideas and experiences to assist pasta makers worldwide. Yes, it really is serious business.