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Tricolor pasta flowers

tricolor pasta flowersOf all the pasta flowers that we make, because they are made from scratch and by hand, our tricolor pasta flowers are the most time consuming.

Each little blossom is made up of tomato, spinach and plain pasta dough. Once the dough is made it is carefully combined by The Pasta Maker, into a long rope at the centre of which is the spinach flavoured dough.

The rope of pasta is then sliced into small discs which are rolled out, cut in the form of the flower before being pressed into shape.

You can serve our tricolor pasta flowers as a garnish or full dish of pasta. It’s suitable for hearty, rich tomato or cream sauces. Alternatively, serve as a pasta salad.

Because these will take The Pasta Maker some time to create for you, please order well in advance. Use the form below to make your inquiry.

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