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Events and mile stones

Our events page will keep you informed of all sorts of events happening in and around The Big Dream Factory. These will include special events in Italy too.

  • If you know of a PASTA or ITALIAN event happening near you, let us know and we will add it to our calendar.

Stop by regularly and add this page to your bookmarks.

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There are a lot of things going on here at The Big Dream Factory. We will be trying to keep you up-to-date with our schedule as we understand that many of you are interested to see how we grow. The Pasta Maker is a new immigrant to the USA and we know that you want to follow our story. We will be adding our mile stones to our calendar as a constant reminder of how far we have come.

We of course, keep you constantly in our thoughts since without you, none of what we have achieved could be possible. For this we thank you.

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